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September 10, 2050


2 Players


Empty your hand.

How to Play:

1. To play a card, your card must be a different card type than the one previously played.

2. A card with a dashed border is an OBJECT and a speckled border is an INTERVENTION.

3. The only way to play a card is to create a story that links the two cards.

4. After you have played your card, it is your opponents turn.

5. If you cannot play, draw a card and forfeit your turn.

6. If neither player can play, flip a card from the deck.

Set Up:

1. Deal 5 Cards amongst both players, set the deck in the middle.

2. Flip one card from the deck face up.

3. Go

sketch cards-01.jpg
sketch cards-24.jpg
sketch cards-21.jpg
sketch cards-23.jpg
sketch cards-22.jpg
sketch cards-20.jpg
sketch cards-19.jpg
sketch cards-18.jpg
sketch cards-17.jpg
sketch cards-16.jpg
sketch cards-15.jpg
sketch cards-14.jpg
sketch cards-13.jpg
sketch cards-12.jpg
sketch cards-11.jpg
sketch cards-10.jpg
sketch cards-09.jpg
sketch cards-08.jpg
sketch cards-07.jpg
sketch cards-06.jpg
sketch cards-05.jpg
sketch cards-04.jpg
sketch cards-03.jpg
sketch cards-02.jpg
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